Saturday, January 10, 2015

UPDATE Hunt for the Fallen Book Display

Hello all.
I wanted to show you where things are at with, at least, the tank centerpiece for my WIP book display for HUNT FOR THE FALLEN (TRANSPORT Book Two) live promo activities.
I am not done with adding detail...more gear, insignia, battle damage, etc., to the vehicle and final diorama base.
I also found a scale figure (1/18th) of a soldier in NBC gear (nuclear, biological, chemical) who is donning a full gas mask apparatus. May incorporate that figure into the scene.
So without further rambling, here are some pix...
And there you have it.
And if you want the book that is associated with the book display...
(Note: Only available in ebook format currently. Paperback will available hopefully by end of January)
And if you want to start where the series all began...
(Note: Available in all ebook formats and paperback)