Monday, January 2, 2017


I write adventure.

Happy 2017 We're going to have a good year, folks, regardless of anything else you hear. You can make it great. You can.

Here's what I've done to keep MY MACHINE, myself, going forward: following a passion I've had since I was a little kid.


Writing tales of adventure.

Here's what I've done to date, as far as published and available works:
(Click on title to be brought to book store.)

Self-Published (ebook only)

One of my first short Fantasy yarns. Saw publication in a few different anthologies way back in the day. Someone said it is very "purple prosey." Yup. Okay. I painted this one in broad swipes of color and detail and emotion.

Oh, and it is FREE.

My blind Viking mercenary, Boldolf Andersson, in his first adventure. A bit of historical fiction laced with fantasy and intrigue and an ancient Lovecraftian beast from the dark ocean depths.

This was written during the time I was writing the BEDLAM UNLEASHED material with Steven Shrewsbury so I was quite submersed in Viking and ancient history lore.

This great little yarn is only 0.99 cents USD.


Below via various publishers (paperback and ebook)


Staying on the epic and fantastical, heaped in historical real lands, mixed with the supernatural, turning some Fantasy tropes on their head, I bring you BEDLAM UNLEASHED. A truly epic Viking adventure featuring Erik Bedlam and his traveling companion, Alanis Johansson.

Written with larger-than-life and the very talented Steven L. Shrewsbury, if you like your adventuring big, raw and bloody action-packed, BEDLAM is for you.

This is the first book in a series of four.

Cover by the very talented Tim Holtrop 
Editor: Scott Sandridge
Publisher: Seventh Star Press

(paperback and ebook)

Science Fiction

If you enjoy a action-packed romp with a adventure hero from the depths of space, arriving back on Earth and finding his home not quite the way he left it...STRANGE HOME is for you.

Cover: Tim Holtrop
Editor: Julie Williams-Bonner
Publisher: Peninsulam Publishing

Post-Zompocalypse Adventure

My TRANSPORT "universe" and story lines grew from a desire to write epic adventures in the very real place of my birth: Grand Rapids, Michigan. This fictional universe and characters, with some real locations peppered within, has been slapped down in a POST post-zombie apocalypse world. All the initial viral and zombie-eating-your-face insanity has come to pass and Humankind is re-building and moving forward. The Living are still here. The Undead are still here. Which group make the place a bit hellish, you can decide.

Travel with Captain Jacob Billet and crew and their 72-ton armored transport, the HURON, as they venture through West Michigan on a covert mission to bring the much-hated William Lettner back to his lake shore base of operations. The Living and Unliving dog their every step. The events outside the HURON are furious and fiery enough, however Captain Billet must maintain himself and keep his firearm from blasting what he carries within the HURON. Though Lettner doesn't realize it, he is being transported across the land by a angst-filled soldier, Billet, who knows Lettner is responsible for the horrible death of the Captain's wife and young son.

Cover: Jason C Conley
Editor: Rodney Carlstrom
Interior art: Tim Holtrop 
Publisher: Seventh Star Press

Captain Billet and crew must pursue a rogue tank commander and his 68-ton very deadly Abrams through the flooded wasteland of West Michigan. With communications down, a group of local Undead washed downstream and wanted by the city (and possible unsavory people) and Billet struggling with some form of ailment, can a Heavy Transport Vehicle with a 25mm gun survive against a Main Battle Tank with a 120mm cannon ta boot?

Heavy duty action and adventure awaits.

Cover: Jason C Conley
Editor: Rodney Carlstrom
Interior art: Tim Holtrop 
Publisher: Seventh Star Press

After a "heart attack," Captain Billet comes out a coma to find the world more upside down than when he fell prey to his ailing body. Mercenaries hired by a corrupt city official have infiltrated Grand Rapids and the city's military outfit. The said-corrupt city official has gone AWOL and run to a small town, Reganshire, governed by a tyrannical overseer and his insane and partially Undead daughter. The Grand Rapids mayor is on his way back from lake shore trade negotiations and is targeted to die. And William Lettner seemingly has come back to life to dog Billet's every step as the good captain tries to derail all of the above.

An epic conclusion to a epic series.

L. Andrew Cooper of Horrific Scribblings: "...a fascinating sign of where zombie narrative, road narrative, and narrative in general might be moving."

Cover: Jason C Conley
Editor: Scott Sandridge
Interior art: Tim Holtrop 
Publisher: Seventh Star Press

On the heels of TRANSPORT comes a stand-alone character, JOE CROSS: URBAN SALVAGE ENGINEER...

Joe Cross is a Urban Salvage Engineer, a collector of items and resources from the wastelands outside barricaded cities and towns and villas in the post-zompoc lands of West Michigan. In this first story, Joe Cross and his traveling companion, the stuffed toy bear ALBERT, run afoul of Reganshire, ruled by a tyrannical overseer, Silas Regan, and his insane and partially Undead daughter, Rebecca. Joe will have to prove his worth to survive in this upside-down world and his mantra as being: the best salvager in the Midwest.

Cover: Peter Welmerink / Jordan Richardson
Interior art: Tim Holtrop
Publisher: Peninsulam Publishing

Galloping from the pages of TRANSPORT into Joe Cross's world, Joe will find himself pitted against a mechanized thug and his henchman, a Reganshire scout hellbent on finding his colleague, and a massive mutated experiment-gone-wrong of the bovine variety stomping through the wilderness...and a small group of dangerous Feral zombies ta boot.

Never a dull day for Joe and his fuzzy brown traveling companion, Albert.

Painted Cover: Russ Colter
Editor: Scott Sandridge
Interior art: Tim Holtrop
Publisher: Peninsulam Publishing

Short Adventure Stories of Horror and Intrigue 
in a fictional West Michigan

Join a young woman haunted by faces of her past, fighting a future she is no longer sure she wants to be part of in the title story: Faces in Perdition. Find out why you don't want to be out near the destroyed Valley State University genetics campus on a dark and stormy night in Revenge of the Roadkill. In a alt-history America after the Korean War find out the fate of Humankind and what rests 900 feet below Lake Michigan's surface in the haunting and powerful Signal in the Distance. Find strength and courage in a young man fighting for his city, his life and the fate of his sister and her young son as final night falls across the land in the nail-biting Final Rights.

Cover: Peter Welmerink
Editors: Various
Publisher: Peninsulam Publishing

An Anthology of Awesome Authors

The Middletown Apocalypse series is on its second book. I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to write a story for the second anthology that has some very talented authors and very awesome stories between its covers.

The premise of the anthology: the setting, events and characters are very close to being the same, but it is each author's voice and how they take the gist of the pre-prescribed tale to make the book a truly interesting and entertaining piece.


I write adventure.

And will continue to do so.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned...there is definitely more to come. 


Peter Welmerink writes action-adventure tales, thrown into different genres: Horror, SciFi, etc. But at their heart, they are about Humankind facing some sort of hurtle, and trying to overcome it. His first collaborative novel, BEDLAM UNLEASHED, with Steven Shrewsbury, is available via Seventh Star Press in 2016. TRANSPORT is his first solo novel series, and JOE CROSS, via Peninsulam Publishing, is a standalone character from that “universe.” He’s written, and is continuing to write, high-octane adventure stories and books related to the area he lives and loves: Grand Rapids and West Michigan. He is married with a small barbarian horde of three boys.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What We Do

Writers. Authors. Artists. Illustrators. Musicians. Dancer. Etcetera.

What we do is tell a story and/or make you think. What we do is entertain you. What we do is take you out of your own world for a while, and bring you into ours. What we potentially do is inspire you to come out and work out your own story, no matter what it is.

In BEDLAM UNLEASHED. In Joe Cross's BULL. In Gorias La Gaul's BORN OF SWORDS, we take you on a  fictional trip into a world of adverse situations and people, drag our characters through it, and reveal how they come out the other end of the adventurous, chaotic tunnel.

In all circumstances, no matter how grim, these characters, like us nonfictional folk, press onward. They, like us, have to KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Fighting the good fight. Surviving. Doing what they have to do to right their world, to right themselves, to, hopefully, make the world a little brighter.

It's a tough job, both fictionally and non-fic, they, like us, must persevere.

What Steven and I do, along with associated publishers Seventh Star Press and Peninsulam Publishing, is write and try to take you, the reader, out of your world for a while, and dip you into another world and into someone else's shoes, boots or bare feet, and provide you several minutes of someone else's life adventure.

Life is an adventure.

Keep moving forward and come adventure with us.

Happy Turkey Day.

Peter Welmerink and Steven L. Shrewsbury

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Absolutely Some Cool Sh*t

I am usually very low key about tooting my own horn when it comes to my literary work, but I have to say I am very proud of these two newest West Michigan-based works.

BULL is a continuation of the JOE CROSS: URBAN SALVAGE ENGINEER series started with RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL via Peninsulam Publishing.

FACES IN PERDITION is a collection of four short stories/novellas of material either published and out of print, or submitted-for-publication, almost-made-the-grade, never-before-in-print work. All the stories are locally-based, featuring a fictional future with characters fighting the good fight and sometimes winning and sometimes...not so much.


What's BULL about?
Note: You do NOT have to have read the TRANSPORT Series to enjoy this book. But I won't complain if you do. :)

Joe Cross is part of the Reganshire community during the events of TRANSPORT (Book One). He knows some bad sh*t happened to a entourage of Reganites who ventured out to the sprawling Valley State University campus where a commune of crazed geneticists had created something...not-so-good for them or the surrounding countryside...and IT got loose and stomped the bejeezuz out of everything and everybody.

The creature, a giant, mutated, undead (??) bull had been run off by a local military transport and her stalwart crew. (As seen in TRANSPORT Book One)

A year later, Joe is heading out of town on a special salvaging trip, after the events of TRANSPORT: UNCIVIL WAR. He happens across two Reganshire soldiers who are considering going AWOL. They hold Joe at gun point, tell him he WILL take them out of town, they run into another soldier--this one bloodied, torn and half-crazed--and things get chaotically amped-up from there.

Joe always enjoys being a pull-toy behind a gigantic, raging creature of POST post-apoc West Michigan.

Umm, yeah. Not so much.


What is reflected in FACES?
(See what I did there. LOL)

Four main short stories and some commentary about what and why I do (write) what I do. The four stories are:

A young woman, trying to survive in post-apoc West Michigan, starts to have issues with her current "job" with collecting and distributing drug-toting zombies. As her close peers see her potentially going soft, she gets tested in the field one final time. The odds are against her but with the eyes of past victims haunting her, she won't go down without a fight.

A far-flung future Grand Rapids is fighting for survival as the lights are going out all over the globe and dark, ferocious creatures stalk along the lines of shadows waiting to consume Humankind. A young sharpshooter, battling cancer, must rush to New Holland on the lake shore to bring his remaining sister and her son back to the city... before the ebon tide and death swallows them whole.

The crazed geneticists from Valley State University have been dumping the carcasses of their failed (and grossly successful) experiments into the Grand River valley. A small group of GRCC troops (Grand Rapids Central Command) find out first hand that sometimes you shouldn't stop to inspect the mooshed rabbit-thingie on the side of the road. Oops.

A 1950-esque, post-Korean War alt-history story. An ex-soldier comes out of his underground bunker on Grand Rapid's West Side to find what he believes to be the Chinese Red Army infiltrating his wartorn city. His path leads him out to Grand Haven, to the Lake Michigan lakeshore, where he gets to be the first living human to witness the rise of a Cthulhu-esque Old One from the 900 foot depths of the big lake.

NOTE: I don't write doom and gloom to write doom and gloom. Hell, my main goal isn't to write doom and gloom at all. I write stories of strong characters facing survival and often impossible confrontations, BUT they keep moving forward no matter the odds. It is a goal I believe in...KEEP MOVING FORWARD AGAINST ALL ODDS...and it is what I try to instill in these stories of intrigue, action and adventure.


Anyway, I am proud as hell of these two new books because, simply, they kick ass and in the style the Midwest hasn't seen or been part of...and now, they...YOU...are!

You can order the books online through Peninsulam Publishing or Amazon, or ask for them by name via your favorite bookstore. Or you can come see me and say hello and grab a copy or two at any upcoming book gig (B&N Muskegon Oct 28 6-9 and Comic Signal Nov 12 11-2).

This is exciting and cool stuff. It is.

Thanks for your time.


JOE CROSS: URBAN SALVAGE ENGINEER copyright 2015-2016 Peter Welmerink
Cover art by Russ Colter
Cover art by Peter Welmerink & Peninsulam Publishing
Other illustrations by Tim Holtrop, Jason C Conley
Editing credits: Julie Bonner-Williams, Scott Sandridge, Rodney Carlstrom

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Albert the Bear from JOE CROSS Series to appear at THE COMIC SIGNAL

Albert, aka Albert PeeWee, is scheduled to appear at THE COMIC SIGNAL, August 6, Saturday, from 12pm to 4pm, with West Michigan author Peter Welmerink. 

The co-star of the Joe Cross: Urban Salvage Engineer adventures, Albert is Joe's on-the-road companion and confidante while Joe adventures in and around the post-apoc landscape of West Michigan 2025-2026 in Peninsulam Publishing's JOE CROSS Series.

Stop by and say hello to Albert. He doesn't bite, but Joe might if you try to take the bear.

Author Peter Welmerink also does not bite, and will be happy to sign any Joe Cross, TRANSPORT and/or Captain Paul Wells/Space Voyager books*

*--Books will be available onsite at THE COMIC SIGNAL the day of the event.
All books suggested for ages 15+.

The Comic Signal
4318 Plainfield Ave. 
Grand Rapids, MI 49525


Joe Cross: Running with the Devil

Kindle Ebook

Cover by: 

Interior Artwork: 
Tim Holtrop

Monday, July 25, 2016

Billet, Joe Cross and Captain Wells to respond to THE COMIC SIGNAL

August 6, 2016, from 12-4, I will be at THE COMIC SIGNAL on Plainfield--4318 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI, to be exact--signing books and talking to people about a POST post-zompoc West Michigan. 

No doom and gloom. It's all about MOVING FORWARD NO MATTER THE ROAD BLOCKS.

Will have copies of my TRANSPORT Series and JOE CROSS, and also my Lake Michigan lakeshore SciFi yarn RETURN TO STRANGE HOME featuring Space Voyager, Captain Paul Wells.

Stop by and say HELLO.

(Plus its a dang cool comic book store...and more.)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Running with the Devil: The first JOE CROSS Novella

Based in the same POST post-zompoc landscape as the TRANSPORT Series, Joe Cross comes to West Michigan in 2025 to work: "salvaging" and finding items for people for trade and survival.
In West Michigan, he only finds TROUBLE.
Welcome to West Michigan, 20205.
Joe Cross, the "Best Salvager in the Midwest," unwittingly falls into the clutches of Reganshire: a small, thriving, but vicious, town on the outskirts of Grand Rapids.
To keep his head from atop the gruesome pikes lining the township's fence line, Joe sets out with two local Urban Salvage Engineers only to find they've been stealing from the very town they serve.
New to the area, Joe has little choice but to assist the thieves. He must act swiftly in order to thwart his captors and survive, although they have the upper hand... and the guns... to put him down in case their mission fails.
Meet Joe Cross, Urban Salvage Engineer. The right man for the job when you need something found.
Cover art: Welmerink/Richardson
Inside Cover Interior Illustration: Tim Holtrop
Paperback (Peninsulam)


Thursday, March 3, 2016



The small fire is warm. I keep it small. No need rousing the neighbors who can sometimes find the light annoying, especially when the dope they are fed starts to run out of their system. They get as agitated as their feral brethren.

I call this third-floor attic my home, my refuge. No roof above me. That caved years ago. But I like the view, able to lay here or stand here, unmolested and without care, for hours looking up at the starlit heavens on a clear night such as this.

Down at the driveway below, encircling the house, wandering aimlessly along the street and sidewalks, the doped undead hiss, and mew, and whine, in their garbled, tortured vocal cord way. I know they are talking to each other, talking to me, talking to others who aren't there. Many of them, those rotting, poor ex-living civilians of the city, are still "living" and "seeing" their former lives as they shamble and teeter about.

I feel for them. That's why, I suppose, I live among them.

I have been cast out like them. Jobless. Homeless. The living city had no place for me, and I was tired of the awful stares and unkind words whispered as I passed: my shopping cart full of my last earthly goods.

I paid a GRCC gate guard an old diamond bauble from my late second or third wife (I forget which now). She, the kindly soldier, let me through the gate, into the UCRA enclosure. She may be the only one who knows I am in here. Bless her soul for keeping me secret. (With the recent fighting in the city, and what I hear from outside the city, I hope she is still alive and well.)

I feel at peace with these citizens around me. We are all the poor, the lost. Cast out and quarantined from the opulence of the Living and Thriving community on the other side of the river, I am at least one with THESE downtrodden people, even if they are somewhat considered not "human" anymore.

The stew is almost done. The can of doped meat, label burned away. The can is red hot. I boil away whatever the chemical slurry is in the processed meat slop. To a still living, breathing goof such as I, ingesting the doped meat is like drinking too much alcohol, followed by a week-long hangover that feels like it will never end. The shit was not meant for LIVING human consumption.

But a dreg like me has to eat. And I've found cooking the piss out of the meat slop makes it almost palatable. Almost. But it's better than starving to I fear is the direction I may go if I let go of my living, breathing, mortal coil.

Old Miss Karo sings her death knell below. She isn't dying. She's already dead. But she knows that I am up here. Her and her "children" are hungry. Even with a rotted brain, she knows me, knows who I am, what I am about. She trills all the louder as I take a moment to finish my own meal.

I dowse my small fire, not wanting to burn my only refuge down, at this old home on Lake Michigan Drive.

I take up some pre-opened cans of uncooked meat slop, make my way down the attic steps, then down the second floor steps to the first floor.

I go to the old enclosed porch. Tall, bulging, overgrown arborvitae trees and bushes block what must have been a nice view of the street from the porch's full sized windows.

Miss Karo is at the porch door, dragging her black, bony stubs weakly against the aluminum porch door.

"I'm comin', girl. Hold your horses," I say, my throat a little numb and scratchy. I must not have cooked the meat thoroughly.

But the cans I slip out to Miss Karo and her small mewing, grumbling children, it's the real deal. The real doped meat slop. The Z-rations as the military call it. She won't have to wait for the next pass-through from the big growling vehicles that come through twice a week, dropping off crates of the stuff for the first-come-first-serve undead denizens of this west side neighborhood.

Miss Karo scratches at my arm. It is her way of saying thanks. The razor sharp index finger, just a bone tip, hurts like hell, but I know it's her way of--perhaps in her own rotted mind--grasping my forearm and thanking me up and down for my generosity.

It is those black, weeping scars along my arms that tell me, at some point, I am not long for the Living world.

True death would be great.

Undeath, well, if I can stay in here, fed and protected...I guess that wouldn't be so bad. The city does watch out for her local undead.

I see Miss Karo off, then lock up and climb, wearily, back up the levels of steps to my attic abode. The night is going to be a cold one. A four-sleeping-bag night.

It's okay though. I get to lay there, alone, free, alive, and stare up at the starlit sky.

It's okay. Really.


The TRANSPORT Series can be purchased here:
Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

If you are in the Grand Rapids Michigan area, Schuler Books has paperback copies on their shelves (in SciFi/Fantasy section). Store location is:

2660 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Phone: 616.942.2561