Saturday, May 28, 2016

Running with the Devil: The first JOE CROSS Novella

Based in the same POST post-zompoc landscape as the TRANSPORT Series, Joe Cross comes to West Michigan in 2025 to work: "salvaging" and finding items for people for trade and survival.
In West Michigan, he only finds TROUBLE.
Welcome to West Michigan, 20205.
Joe Cross, the "Best Salvager in the Midwest," unwittingly falls into the clutches of Reganshire: a small, thriving, but vicious, town on the outskirts of Grand Rapids.
To keep his head from atop the gruesome pikes lining the township's fence line, Joe sets out with two local Urban Salvage Engineers only to find they've been stealing from the very town they serve.
New to the area, Joe has little choice but to assist the thieves. He must act swiftly in order to thwart his captors and survive, although they have the upper hand... and the guns... to put him down in case their mission fails.
Meet Joe Cross, Urban Salvage Engineer. The right man for the job when you need something found.
Cover art: Welmerink/Richardson
Inside Cover Interior Illustration: Tim Holtrop
Paperback (Peninsulam)