Monday, April 22, 2013

TRANSPORT done and ready to roll

I finished up TRANSPORT in early March and sent it out for a professional work-out to lose some fat and shape it up. Tyson Mauermann did a great job and whipping the story into shape and helping me get it ready to roll in whatever direction I so desired.

It is a novella-sized piece, almost 37,000 words. I don't think I could stretch it out or crunch it down any further to make it better than it is. I am going to try the traditional publisher route first before considering to do it myself. Pros and Cons of both, but I figure until I can build my brand and my own following, if that is how things will come to roll, then I figure I should put it under the noses of traditional publishers who can hopefully offer to reach a wider audience than little ole me trying to wave my own flag. (Though, even with traditional publishing you, as the author, still need to help SELL IT. No problem there.)

Anyway, here is a teaser AND an awesome sketch by Mr Tim Holtrop who, though he offers only this sketch, does some great finished work also.

Will keep you informed.

(Also, have started a new story, takes place in same time/place as TRANSPORT, including some rough ideas for a TRANSPORT 2 story featuring APC Ridgerunner Huron and her misfit crew.)


The year is 2025.  

When Commissioner Wilhelm DeGage's helicopter goes down in hostile territory, it is up to Captain Jacob "Jake" Billet and his crew to bring the official home. With only an armored personnel carrier, Jake and his crew brave the infected lands, pushed to the limits of their honor in order to rescue DeGage despite the horror of his past transgressions. 

And then there are the zombies. 

Getting from Point A to Point B has never been so dangerous.