Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What We Do

Writers. Authors. Artists. Illustrators. Musicians. Dancer. Etcetera.

What we do is tell a story and/or make you think. What we do is entertain you. What we do is take you out of your own world for a while, and bring you into ours. What we potentially do is inspire you to come out and work out your own story, no matter what it is.

In BEDLAM UNLEASHED. In Joe Cross's BULL. In Gorias La Gaul's BORN OF SWORDS, we take you on a  fictional trip into a world of adverse situations and people, drag our characters through it, and reveal how they come out the other end of the adventurous, chaotic tunnel.

In all circumstances, no matter how grim, these characters, like us nonfictional folk, press onward. They, like us, have to KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Fighting the good fight. Surviving. Doing what they have to do to right their world, to right themselves, to, hopefully, make the world a little brighter.

It's a tough job, both fictionally and non-fic, they, like us, must persevere.

What Steven and I do, along with associated publishers Seventh Star Press and Peninsulam Publishing, is write and try to take you, the reader, out of your world for a while, and dip you into another world and into someone else's shoes, boots or bare feet, and provide you several minutes of someone else's life adventure.

Life is an adventure.

Keep moving forward and come adventure with us.

Happy Turkey Day.

Peter Welmerink and Steven L. Shrewsbury