Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sister Mirose Limited Edition Autographed Print Set and the REAL Westside Apostolate Fundraiser

746 House Flag Day Fundraiser this year is taking any monies collected during their June 14 yard sale and donating them to the Westside Apostolate.

IRL Westside Apostolate is a great place that helps people in need by selling or giving away very low priced clothing, shoes, etc. It is run by volunteers. The building has been there since I was a little kid (though in the old days it was Mathews Drug Store...and our neighborhood candy store) and the place needs some MAJOR TLC.

The fundraiser is to assist the Apostolate in being able to afford some well needed repairs.

In my TRANSPORT fictional world, the West Side Apostolate also exists, and is overseen the good Sister Mary Mirose. She works right within the city's undead civilian retention area, helping those in need just like the real world facility.

Tim Holtrop, interior artist for the TRANSPORT book series, and Russ Colter from Cropmarks Printing have provided me the ability to offer these two fine prints to one lucky local art and TRANSPORT enthusiast.

The HIGHEST BIDDER will acquire these two limited edition matted prints, autographed by TRANSPORT Interior Artist Tim Holtrop and myself, the author and owner of Sister Mirose.

The money will go 100% to the fundraiser which will help make the real Westside Apostolate stand strong, and stronger.

Please send your bid via email (sistermiros@gmail.com) or message me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pwelmerink).

I am asking that the minimum starting bid be $20.00.

Bidding ends 5pm June 13th 2014.

Please help this worthy cause.

Sister Mirose prints, illustrations by Tim Holtrop


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