Sunday, August 31, 2014

Werewolf Zombie wanders the streets of Grand Rapids

From the GRAND RAPIDS HERALD Sunday August 30 2026
"Something has been tearing into Grand Rapidians, both living and undead, causing a wave of panic among the surviving denizens of Grand Rapids and surrounding countryside.
"It is NOT the work of a horde of FZ's (Feral Zombies) or some sort of marauding band of violent Loyalists or any other group," Mayor Dennis Honeywell was reported saying.
The Mayor's statement was based on medical staff, escorted by Grand Rapids Central Command, looking at the remains of both living and unliving civilians found torn to literal shreds on the city's southwest side and bodies found severely mutilated in the UCRA.
"There have been no reports of Ferals within the city or within the Urban Civilian Retention Area. However, we haven't ruled out that something from the old John Ball Park Zoo hasn't emerged and escaped," Honeywell said.
The John Ball Park Zoo, on the city's west side and contained within its own protective fence line, was cordoned off years ago after it was found geneticists of Valley State University had been using its occupants for mutation experiments.
"We will continue to follow this story as more details come to light."

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