Monday, February 23, 2015

TRANSPORT Book Series Trailer

What is the TRANSPORT Series about?
This is different.
Zombies are all the rage. Well, WERE all the rage back in 2013 when the H7N9 pandemic caused the zomb-pocalypse. 
But, wait, this is different.
We got beyond the zombie affliction. Yes, THEY are still here amongst us, but as Humankind typically does, we've dug ourselves out of the mayhem and piles of rotting bodies, and we're moving onward.
Well, along with zombies still in our midst.
Wait! None of those rotting flesh, flesh-eating creatures are coming after us living folk?
Well, no, unless you travel out of the confines of the walled and fenced in communities. Grand Rapids is the "mother" of all the communities in West Michigan in 2025. Reganshire (formerly known as Standale) would be the second largest until you get out to the lakeshore where you have Muskegon, Fruitport, Norton Shore and Grand Haven all part of the massive North Shore Coalition.
There are Feral zombies on the outskirts of these towns.
But you ask, "What about this undead gent in the gas station blue coveralls shambling towards me, is he going to eat my brains or something?"
No no, that is just Bob the 1950's gas station attendant zombie. He'll probably ask you if you want a  new set of white walls and a 25 cents a gallon gasoline fill-up.
He's harmless due to he is kept in the Urban Civilian Retention Area (UCRA) and fed doped meat by product to keep him tranquil and friendly... just like the other 3000+ undead Grand Rapids civilians who live in the enclosure on the west side of town. There are laws about hurting and killing them as they are someone's poor afflicted family members or friends.
Yes, it's a crazy world in this POST-post apocalyptic world.
That's why we're here: the military. Hello recruit, my name is Captain Jacob Billet. The big ass armored rig behind me is the M213 Heavy Transport Vehicle THE HURON. 72 tons of asphalt-crushing, body-grinding (if you get in the way) trouble. We get all the shit jobs. Sit down. Let me fill you in. Loutonia, roll the film...
TRANSPORT (Book Three) UNCIVIL WAR -- due out July/August 2015
Publisher: Seventh Star Press LLC

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