Sunday, December 23, 2012

An Altered Grand Rapids begins here

Happy Holidays Folks!

A few announcements...

If you are interested in reading some good and dark fantasy adventure, you need to check out FADING LIGHT: An Anthology of the Monstrous.

The BIG book has a slew of great authors as well as great stories within. If you have a e-reading device like a Kindle or a Nook (or iPad, etc.), you can pick up the little BONUS book with yours truly within. The tale within is the FIRST "altered Grand Rapids" short story I have written and have to offer.
Link to the BONUS ebook with my altered Grand Rapids tale FINAL RIGHTS can be found here:

The ebook edition of the BIG book is here:

The print edition can be purchased here:


Next, if you are still hungry and interested in some great action-adventure tales from the mixed up mind of Peter Welmerink, you can find another alt-Grand Rapids tale set in the 1950's and featuring a Cthulhu-esque beastie rising out of Lake Michigan.

SIGNAL IN THE DISTANCE is currently offered in e-format only, and can be found here:

There is more to come with tales centered around Grand Rapids and West Michigan.

Stay tuned!

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