Thursday, September 12, 2013

9/11 and why I write military fiction

I was on the road traveling the other day, realizing it was the 12th anniversary of that awful day. It was on the news, the big memorial event in New York. I watched it for a while before heading out. Said a little prayer for those lost, the families of the deceased and injured, and remembered our military guys and gals out there fighting the good fight.

I passed Camp McCoy as I drove through northwest Wisconsin.

I drove by the Russell Rd Military Museum while driving home.

Thinking a lot about our military personnel both present and past. Thanks you all. I salute you.

Why do I write military fiction?

Because I love the vehicles, the action and adventure in the old stories transcribed by veterans of all those wars. I know it is a grim world, in a world at war, in the fighting man and woman who has to endure being far from home, possibly smack in the middle of an enemies homeland, under fire, or simply enduring a sandstorm and having to literally take your vehicle apart to get all the grit out.

When I write, about my fictional characters and fictional situations (after all, I am writing about a slightly future flung world, post-zombie apocalypse), I often think if anyone in the military might enjoy this craziness in which I write. I write to entertain, to get the story out. And when writing military fiction, more than say sword and sorcery, I often stop and think about our military folk of today and in the past. I appreciate YOU and what you are doing, and our veterans, what you have done.

The fighting spirit. Perhaps that is really what is enduring. Out there, against the odds, probably more often with the odds against you, and yet you endure. You are strong. You keep pushing forward.

Besides the cool military vehicles and the adventure, that is what I am writing about: the fighting spirit, the push to survive against the odds, fighting the good fight, pushing forward.

Anyway, I thank you, those soldiers of today and those soldiers of yesterday, for inspiring me, to write my crazy adventure tales in this Military Thriller genre. Hopefully it is enjoyed. Hopefully I can throw some light moments in there, maybe get a chuckle from time to time. But will always push the fighting spirit, because, like you, this is what my underlying character story is about, pushing back against the odds, and surviving.

(I know in war, not all survive. It's not always pretty. We don't always win. But we will still go out fighting the good fight.)


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