Friday, September 6, 2013

TRANSPORT is coming!

Hey friends!

This is slightly old news to me and not new news as far as outright public knowledge...YET...but I have signed a publishing contract with SEVENTH STAR PRESS for the publication of my TRANSPORT series.

Yea, buddy!! You are going to be able to hold in your hands, in some form or another, a rip-roaring, skull-crushing, action-packed, zombie-blasting TRANSPORT story...three novella length tales in fact are slated so far.

It was such great news to me I actually threw myself into an anxiety attack and was a mess there for a few weeks. Not sure why such good news should cause such chaos in one's head. We writers are a strange lot so who knows. You never think you are good enough and you keep banging along, banging out those stories, and then when you get a great offer to have your kard work pubbed...something snaps. LOL

Anyway, doing much better now thank you. Seeing the forest for the trees and landscape looks very very good. I am very happy to be part of the SSP family and looking forward to some wonderful opportunities with them and my material.

More soon!


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