Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mini Diorama for IMAGINARIUM Convention TRANSPORT Table/Book Display

What better way to try and garner some attention at your book display, at a convention, than having something additionally VISUAL to draw an eye to your written work than a diorama.
I have built two small dioramas for the convention. One is a vehicle and driver, loaded down with salvaged, scavenged goods, being attacked by a Feral zombie.
The other is this somber little piece below. One of the local zombie civilians of Grand Rapids, standing behind the fence within the UCRA (Urban Civilian Retention Area) where the city keeps her undead "friends and family" in my fictional Military Zombie Post-Apoc book series, TRANSPORT.
I call this little vignette: ALONE.
Think about it. I know zombies gross us out, make us sick, make us fear-filled. But what if, mindless or not, you found yourself in this fellows position. Alone, on the other side of the fence, the living, breathing populace on the other side, living the good life...HELL...LIVING, while you shamble your days away, eating doped meat, calm, but UNDEAD.
Think about it.
Anyway, this piece will be at IMAGINARIUM in Louisville, Kentucky, this weekend at my table display helping to promote TRANSPORT.
TRANSPORT (Book One) can be found here:

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