Sunday, September 7, 2014

The HURON...LEGO Style

Yesterday I showed a sketch of the HURON (drawn by the talented Tim Holtrop way back in the early days of TRANSPORT's conception) to my son Matthew, and challenged him to create a LEGO rendition of the big M213 Heavy Transport Vehicle. The M213 Ridgerunner-Class HURON is the prevailing military vehicle in my post-apoc military/zombie action-adventure series, TRANSPORT.
Matthew accepted the challenge and began building.
And here, for your viewing pleasure, are the results.

Matthew and his creation

Hmmm... pretty darn cloe to cover perfection. :)
HURON front gunner Sgt. James Stokes??
It took Matthew roughly an hour and a half to dig through LEGO parts and put the whole thing together.
Yes, it is not Army green or beige. It is not an exact front, back, sides, duallie front wheel model as depicted in book series or illustrations...BUT IT IS DANG COOL!
Thanks son!

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