Thursday, October 23, 2014

TRANSPORT (Book Two) HUNT FOR THE FALLEN Book Display Part 1

For TRANSPORT (Book Two) HUNT FOR THE FALLEN, I am working on a book / table display with a theme that goes along with the cover and essence of the series, ie, zombies, military, wasteland.

I will be posting pictures and info on the progress, here, on the pages of this wonderful little blog spot. Some will be parts of the display build-in-progress, other pics will be just for the ones below.



After a long day of patrolling the west side of Grand Rapids and its borders, after a long day in the midst of zombies and other unsavories, it's nice to take a little break and crack open a cold (or semi-warm) PBR.

TRANSPORT, a post-post zombie apocalyptic series, military heavy, adventure rife, set in a near-future dystopian Grand Rapids, Michigan, is available wherever fine books are sold.
(Ask for it by name if bookseller does not carry it.)
TRANSPORT (Book One) can be found here:

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