Saturday, October 11, 2014

Another TRANSPORT Is Coming

Another TRANSPORT short novel is coming soon.
Though Lettner is gone, in this post-post zombie apocalyptic world, many people do share his view: as the Living try to get back on track, all the Undead should be purged from the land. However, these persons will not make the same mistake the late NSC Commissioner made to finally have him swing from the gallows for his crimes against the living and unliving.
There's a storm brewing within the torrential rainfall of a West Michigan spring time. The Grand River is rising far above comfortable height, threatening to overwhelm the city's west side where her protected undead civilians stand agitated. They amass along the river side enclosure as the living watch fearful from the opposite bank.
Captain Jake Billet, crew and the massive M213 Heavy Transport Vehicle, the HURON, stand awash amidst the mayhem, waist deep in chaos as barriers fall, soldiers fall, and the local undead fall. Those who remain headstrong take matters into their own hands: the GRCC's Main Battle Tank, commanded by Jake's military rival, heads out of town, southwest, into the boondocks between Grand Rapids and Reganshire.
Figuratively and literally feeling under the weather, Billet strikes out to pursue the AWOL Abrams tank and commander, intending to stop him, and also find why the man has abducted a large male zombie.
It's 68 tons of armor and a 120mm cannon versus 72 tons of vehicle and a new 25mm turret cannon, MBT versus HTV.
is coming soon.
Artwork: Jason Conley, Tim Holtrop
Copyright 2014 Peter Welmerink and Seventh Star Press
TRANSPORT (Book One) can be found here:


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